Thursday, May 15, 2008

I saw my fha credit score and FREAKED!

I saw my low credit score and was confronted with an fha mortgage loan denial. The fha credit scorew was too low forapproval with one lender. I then began to look for another fha mortgage lender to fund my fha loan with a low fico score.

The journey took many days and was filled with peril and much fha manual underwriting. I was steadfast in my fha manual underwrite and went from fha mortgage loan processor to fha mortgage loan processor with my credit report and low fha credit score. Then it happened. I had almost given up on my fha loan with a low credit score.

I looked up and say an fha lender that was willing to fund my fha loan with a credit score below a 620. Then I kept going down the fha mortgage lender list and found another fha lender under 580. Finally I found an fha mortgage lender down to a 520 credit score and got my fha loan.

Mortgage on fha and credit scoring approvals in future articles.

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