Saturday, June 28, 2008

Finding Fun Short Sales in Bay County Florida

Take a look around bay county these days and wwhat do you see? SHORT SALES OF REAL Bay County Florida, that's about it.

I was having a walk around the beach in Panama City and I saw the short sale on teh corner lot that was a foreclosure twice. It had a lis pendens in Bay County Florida and I said "Wait a second!" and then I said "Where is the short sale of real estate in Florida?".

As I was saying that, a real estate salesperson in bay county or panama city florida drove away with my short sale. The license plate said Bay County Real Estate and short sale investor. Or maybe that was the bumper sticker but you get the idea. The idea is that there are a lot of short sale properties in Bay County Florida.

Florida real estate in Bay County is available for sale. The bankupt home builders in panama City Florida have abandoned the homes and now they are all short sales of real estate.

Florida real estate for sale. REAL ESTATE IS FOR SALE!!! So BUY AND SELL HOMES please!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

More on Alachua Short Sales in FLorida

This is the final short sale of real estate in florida post. You may think it is all about Alachua county florida and if so, then click the Alachua county real estate short sale links. Here they are:

Short Sale Alachua

Alachua Short Sales

Florida Gainesville Short Sale

Short Sale Alachua Florida

Florida Real Estate Alachua

Alachua and the Short Sale Epidemic

My Short Sale is in Alachua Florida

These are a few of the important Alachua florida real estate information links. You may have more to add and if you do then please add a comment to this post and let’s all chip in to help Alachua county florida real estate and shorts sales. Goodbye and have a short sale with your lunch today.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Understanding FHA Secrets and RISK BASED PRICING

They tried to keep me quite about fha risk based pricing and how the MIP adversely affects certain individuals. I won't accept anybodys hush money. I'll type the secrets of FHA MIP RISK BASED PRICING and the politicians and the industry people that are pocketing FHA MIP are not going to stop this post.

I first must tell you that the FHA risk based pricing and risk adjusted pricing for FHA and the MIP fund came about becuase of the FHA solvency issue. Now it is growing from the MIP fund and the level of risk for the FHA mortgage insurance premiums are unbearable.

FHA Level Pricing based on credit scores.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


My final post on the option contract, so here are the links for you:

Before you decide about which option contract, title company, short sale, and real estate is appropriate for you, you must click the links above, touch yournose and say "I am an option contract of real estate to be used in a shorts ale" three time. Then click the links again repeating the short sale words above and take two asprin and call me in the morning. Goodnight!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Flagler County FLorida Discounts on Real Estate

There was a story about Flagler county and it made me think of Flagler county florida and the discounts available on real estate there. You can ride a motorcycle with Robbie Kneivel in Flagler County florida and he may ride the bike over the discounted real estate in Flagler county. Here is an example of Flagler county real estate that is selling at a discount.

Short Sales are available in Flagler county real estate if you talk to the real estate agent in Flagler county florida. You may learn that the title company for real estate settlement in Flagler county is running around with flagler short sales on her t-shirt. They sell these shorts in Flagler county for anyone buying real estate in Flagler county. One way to examine the benefit of locating real estate online in Flagler county real estate in florida is to use an fha mortgage loan for the down payment of funds on the Flagler real estate.

Flagler County Real Estate Discounts.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Let's Talk About Real Estate in Flagler County Florida

Let's get right to flagler county florida real estate. I know you want to hear a housing story about real estate in flagler county. This is why the real estaet in flagler county florida is so cheap.

The house and condo that you bought in flagler county florida may not be worth what it was yesterday. In comparison to teh cost of real estate of flagler county florida homes and condos, you can say that today's prices are cheap. Cheap real estate in flagler county is in the flagler county newspapers all day long. What does taht tell us about the flagler county short sale?

You have to assume that the flagler county real estate short sales are cheap too. And that my friends is the flagler county florida real estate update for today.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Say FHA score below 580 one more time!!!

The underwriter finally approved my borrower with an fha loan under 580 credit score. It took some time and no the fha loan didn’t have a nice fancy 620 fico score attached to it. It took a while for the 620 credit score to go from fha and back to a 580 credit score fha. All in all it was an fha loan with a 580 credit score.

You may be wondering where the fha loan under 620 fico is available. I am not sure if your credit score is a 580 fico or a 620 or if you like FHA loans at all. You may be a real estate investor or you may be an fha appraiser. You could be anyone with a credit score below 580 and obtain an fha mortgage loan given certain circumstances for fha and that the fha guidelines and rules are followed for credit score below 620.

Take a look at the fha loans for borrowers to buy below 620 fico scores.