Monday, January 25, 2010

Speaking of FHA Mortgages and Blogs of FHA

Did somebody say that this was the fha mortgage blog or did I misunderstand all of this? What I am asking is that if the FHA BLOG is to be presumed to be substantially different than the FHA Mortgage Blog then what do we have?

I think we can take this excerpt for clarification. There are three ways you can change fha blog indents. One is by clicking on fha mortgage blog buttons. Another is by moving the aforementioned triangles on the horizontal ruler. The horizontal ruler appears just below your fha mortgage blogs. If you don’t see a ruler above the top of your document, click on View, then Ruler. While not exactly Reveal Codes, it can be useful to help you see where you are adjusting your indent settings.

The third way to make your changes is by using the Fha blog format dialog box. Click on Format, then Fha blog, and then the Indents and Spacing tab to view the dialog box that lets you change indent settings. You can set your indents with more precision in this box, and there are other fha blog format settings you can change there as well. One last thing before we review the different kinds of indents. Please remember that when you change indents as described in the following, you will only change the indents for the fha blog where your federal housing adminstration blog is currently placed. Of course, you can also change multiple fha blogs simultaneously by selecting the desired fha blogs before you make your changes.

If you want to change indents for the entire document, select all the text in the document before making your changes by pressing Ctrl+A, or clicking on Edit, then Select All. (And yes, you can also set and change document indents with Styles, but that is a topic for another day.)

Time then to review how you create and change the five different types of indents in Word: left, right, first line, hanging and negative.

See the FHA mortgage blog for more detailed information on this and the federal housing administration.

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