Sunday, March 16, 2008

Credit Report Information for short sales and foreclosures

I am interested in finding credit reporting information for a short sale of a mortgage loan in FLorida. DO you understand where the loss mitigation map can be found for the mortgage side of the lenders loss mitigation department? Let me know if you can meet the short sale advocate at teh bankruptcy trustee sale and I will meet you there after the short sale closing.

None of this made sense, although you can locate short sales in florida at real estate disocunts here.

North Carolina and relocating to florida

Others in loss mitgation departments around the various mortgage lenders with secret phone numbers of promissory notes.

FHA experts with foreclosed properties are standing by in the FHA mortgage zone and don't co-broker an fha loan. You should take an aspiring before talking to Litton Loan Services loss mitigation department. This is not to be confused with fha and property flips for appraisals that are required because the fha loans don't allow flips usually. This is after loss mitigatin goes on lunch break. You can also study political influences on a short sale.

Chase Manhattan and Bear stears will help with loss mitigation for defaulted loans.

That my friends was the short sale that got away.

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