Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mortgage Websites a Template

I was talking to Rob about getting a mortgage loan and he said check out my mortgage website rob loans at WWW.ROBLOANS.COM

The funny part is that after rob said that I went to rebs mortgage and he said no that WWW.ROBSMORTGAGE.COM is not rob loans. It is robs mortgage loans dot com. Then i went on my day without a mortgage from Rob that day.

Next day I went to Rome and said roma do you have a mortgage loan for me? Roma said I should go to WWW.ROMALOANS.COM and then I said is that roma or roma loans and ronald spoke up and said go to WWW.RONALDSLOANS.COM Thsi was strange becuase I was talking to roma and ronald spoke up and said ronald loans is different than rondaloans and ronda said no go to WWW.RONDALOANS.COM

By now I was confused about mortgage loans and mortgage domains and websites with mortgage loan in the site and I asked rosalee what website she had. Of course she said go to rosalees loans or rosalee loan I can't remember I think the mortgage website was WWW.ROSALEESLOANS.COM this is different than WWW.ROSLOANS.COM or ross loans or ros loans.

WWW.RUSSELLSLOANS.COM is equal to russel loans or rus loans and russelsloans

WWW.RYANSLOANS.COM is not ryan loans but ryansloans

WWW.SANDRASLOANS.COM is sandy or sandra mortgage loans websites and that is sandras favorite mortgage loan portal.

WWW.SARASLOANS.COM is different that loans for sara and saraloans is equal to

WWW.SCOTTSLOANS.COM and WWW.SCOTTSLOANS.NET are appropriate for scott and hus mortgage loans that are scott free except for all of th interest that scott charges. On second thought, go to

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