Saturday, April 5, 2008

We're on a bankruptcy FHA mortgage kick

Kick me in the bankruptcy! Said the direct endorsement underwriter. I think she may have been eating an ddrinking too much of the 4155, but when she got to the compensating factors for debt ratio she said "bring the fha bankruptcy loans to me!"

Well what was I to say? I said of cours I will bring you bankrupt fha borrowers who have recovered from teh bankruptcy through fha buyouts of chapter 13 loans and you can approve them even if they have been turned down elsewhere for fha mortgage loans.

At this point the mortgage loan borrowers for fha were stirred up in an fha frenzy and they all left the bankruptcy trustees and headed to florida to refinance with an fha mortgage loan. I was asking the loss mitigation department at bank of america if they though th ebankruptcy buyout was a fine idea for an fha borrower and haven't gotten a returned call yet. Loss mitigation never returns calls buy the way.

FLORIDA MORTGAGE LOANS are easier than fha bankruptcy mortgages if that makes sense then at least one of us understood what was being typoed today. Have a nice fha bankruptcy mortgage loan! STudy your FHA lending guidleines!

Together we can all avoid foreclosures in florida. This may result in a lien relese or lien satisfaction through a florida short sale with creative financing in florida.

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