Saturday, June 28, 2008

Finding Fun Short Sales in Bay County Florida

Take a look around bay county these days and wwhat do you see? SHORT SALES OF REAL Bay County Florida, that's about it.

I was having a walk around the beach in Panama City and I saw the short sale on teh corner lot that was a foreclosure twice. It had a lis pendens in Bay County Florida and I said "Wait a second!" and then I said "Where is the short sale of real estate in Florida?".

As I was saying that, a real estate salesperson in bay county or panama city florida drove away with my short sale. The license plate said Bay County Real Estate and short sale investor. Or maybe that was the bumper sticker but you get the idea. The idea is that there are a lot of short sale properties in Bay County Florida.

Florida real estate in Bay County is available for sale. The bankupt home builders in panama City Florida have abandoned the homes and now they are all short sales of real estate.

Florida real estate for sale. REAL ESTATE IS FOR SALE!!! So BUY AND SELL HOMES please!

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