Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Say FHA score below 580 one more time!!!

The underwriter finally approved my borrower with an fha loan under 580 credit score. It took some time and no the fha loan didn’t have a nice fancy 620 fico score attached to it. It took a while for the 620 credit score to go from fha and back to a 580 credit score fha. All in all it was an fha loan with a 580 credit score.

You may be wondering where the fha loan under 620 fico is available. I am not sure if your credit score is a 580 fico or a 620 or if you like FHA loans at all. You may be a real estate investor or you may be an fha appraiser. You could be anyone with a credit score below 580 and obtain an fha mortgage loan given certain circumstances for fha and that the fha guidelines and rules are followed for credit score below 620.

Take a look at the fha loans for borrowers to buy below 620 fico scores.

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